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BF (Single Layer)

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*We provide customise service and labelling service for carton boxes.
Large quantity or customization of boxes needed, do contact us :)
Visit our shop to look for your ideal BOXES.
Working hours: 10am - 7pm
Whatsapp or call: 012-5931443
Office number: 04-3842773

Carton Boxes size of RM1.70:

1) D2605 : (L)126mm x (W)118mm x (H)200mm
2) DK4942 : (L)150mm x (W)80mm x (H)200mm
3) D2478 : (L)114mm x (W)114mm x (H)210mm
4) D2227 : (L)163mm x (W)123mm x (H)176mm
5) D2401 : (L)200mm x (W)95mm x (H)112mm
6) D2602 : (L)145mm x (W)101mm x (H)172mm
7) GD0112 : (L)98mm x (W)98mm x (H)256mm
8) D2468 : (L)227mm x (W)107mm x (H)123mm
9) D2428 : (L)246mm x (W)121mm x (H)93mm
10) D3468 : (L)245mm x (W)110mm x (H)90mm
11) D3917 : (L)160mm x (W)160mm x (H)120mm
12) GD0059 : (L)166mm x (W)148mm x (H)112mm
13) D2465 : (L)95mm x (W)50mm x (H)220mm
14) WPP : (L)134mm x (W)83mm x (H)106mm

*Goods sold are not returnable nor exchangeable.

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